Friday, April 1, 2011

Forever Family Friday

Today, I'm going to introduce you to Victoria. I'm bringing you Victoria, because I cannot believe no one has chosen her, yet. Julianna (my daughter) is in love with her. She's been on Reece's Rainbow, since I started visiting the sight back in December. Her fund is low and lots of children have been chosen to come home (Praise God) since I started visiting Reece's Rainbow. You're about to see one of the cutest little girls in all the world. Brace yourselves, here she is...

I told you! I'm a bit of a sucker for a girl with pigtails and big pink bows. Look at those beautiful blue eyes, too. She's a princess waiting to be rescued and carried off to her palace. I heard a story this week and I think it applies here. A little boy overheard a Mom of four boys saying, "I wish God would give me a girl." His response, "There are a lot of little girls out there who wish God would give them a Mommy. Why don't you go get one of them and then you'll both be happy?" I can just see this princess in a house full of protective brothers.

Julianna disagrees, she sees Victoria and knows she'd make any girl a great sister. She wants to tell her secrets and share her toys. She says, "Oh, she is so sweet. Can we get her?" Unfortunately, we cannot get Ms. Victoria. She's not in the same country as our little one. She does need a home, though. Whether there are brothers or sisters or both, this girl will be a fabulous addition. She turned four last month, which puts her one year closer to life in an institution. Won't someone bring Victoria home? Julianna will be so excited. Her time is running short and she needs a forever family.

I'm praying someone will see this sweet little girl and know that she's the one. Is God whispering in your ear this morning? There she is, the daughter you've been waiting on. Don't let the fact that she was born in another country keep you from the JOY of knowing her and loving her. To learn more about Princess Victoria follow this link: You can also follow the link to make a donation to help Victoria's forever family bring her home. I look at her and I know it's only a matter of time before her Mommy finds her. Let's ease the burden of bringing her home. Every dollar counts. Every prayer counts, too. Pray that her care would be in kind, loving hands while she waits.

As always, thanks for letting me share my heart.

Hidden in Christ,


  1. Today, Scott opened his heart, and decided to look at the children, rather than the disability. He'd been playing it safe (not that there's an orphan out there who doesn't need adopting, but he was too scared to look beyond deaf adoption). He went to the RR site and looked with an open heart and open mind. She is the one he fell instantly in love with.

  2. Yay God! I'm so excited for your family, Chandres. Please keep me updated on how things progress. Julie would be over the moon if you brought Victoria home. They could be friends :)