Saturday, April 16, 2011

What a week!

I'm going to start by telling you that as soon as we committed to Joseph (Isaac) things just started to go wrong. I'm not going to give the devil any glory by going into details, but we are on the offensive, now. Covering ourselves and our home in prayers of protection. It's just reaffirmation that we're on the right path. Too bad, Satan, we're moving forward!

I'm living testimony this week (and every week) to the goodness of God. Every time, I've been discouraged he's shown up and blessed me right out of my discouragement. On Monday, we received an unexpected financial blessing from a lovely family who we're blessed to have as friends. Not just a financial blessing, but the blessing of encouragement.

On Tuesday, we committed to Joseph (Isaac) and had friends call and message us to say they were coming Saturday to help sell tickets at Belk. If you've ever had to fund raise you know what a blessing it is to have people volunteering to help. Tuesday was also Julianna's birthday and that's a blessing every year.

On  Wednesday, we made our announcement about adding Joseph (Isaac) to our family and were overwhelmed by the love and encouragement we received.

On Thursday, I won a thirty-one gift bag from another adoptive family's blog give away. I don't usually win things, so this was a great surprise.

On Friday, I drove home from visiting my sister and her kids in Hampton (also a blessing) and arrived to find that my new friend, Genesis had finished giving our blog an update. I was most blessed that Genesis, an 11 year old with a heart for orphans, is finding a way to use her talent for Jesus. Keep doing your thing, Genesis. You rock!

Today, I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of our friends joining me at Belk at 5:45 this morning to sell tickets for the charity day sale. Okay, I joined them, because they were all so enthusiastic that they beat me there. It was a blessing to hear them share our story and be so passionate about helping bring our boys home. I also had the first nap I've had in weeks this afternoon. If you're a Mom, you understand this particular blessing a little better than anyone else.

I'm thankful everyday, that the God of the universe deemed me worthy of salvation, through the blood of Jesus Christ. I'm thankful that he takes the time to see my heart and my need for affection and meets those needs. He's a good Daddy to have and life with him just keeps getting better.

Hidden in Christ,

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