Monday, April 18, 2011

A Life Celebrated

There are so many things that trouble a Momma's heart when she has littles on the other side of the ocean. Not all of them are logical or seem like reasonable things to be concerned about when your children are so far away and in the care of others. One of those concerns for me has been my boys' birthdays. We don't do anything outrageous to celebrate birthday's in our family, but we do celebrate. A birthday is a beautiful time to be thankful for the life God has given us. Every life deserves to be celebrated, as we are each gifts from God to be treasured. So, thinking that neither of my boys have ever been celebrated, that possibly no one has ever acknowledge the JOY of their births, well it has made this Momma's heart sad. Sad enough that I've been bugging God about it for quite sometime. I told you all I had a rough week last week and that God just continues to show himself faithful. Well, God's really showing off this morning.

I briefly mentioned that Joseph (Isaac) previously had a family committed to him. God closed the door for this wonderful family to bring Joseph home and now we know why. Joseph belongs in the Rhodes' house. This family, who are quickly becoming some of my personal favorites, were in EE at Joseph's orphanage on his birthday! Now, what you're about to see is not the "norm" for an orphanage in Eastern Europe, but God! I love a, but God, moment when God steps in and changes our circumstances. Our family's story is filling up with them on this adoption journey.

Joseph's 6th Birthday Celebration

Joseph is the little guy sitting in front of the man with the green shirt. There's even a little smile on his face :)

They are singing and celebrating, my precious boy! Can you imagine what this does for my heart? While he's waiting, he's loved. Loved...not a word we can apply to most orphans. Clearly, this little guy is something Spectacular!

Isn't he gorgeous? Just hold on Joseph, Mommy and Daddy are coming and you're next birthday is going to blow your mind. There will be so many people there to celebrate you! I can't wait to hear you laughing and playing with your brothers and sister. In the meantime, we'll continue to pray God's protection and favor on your life like never before.

So, you see God is bigger than our circumstances. He orchestrated a birthday party for my son on another continent. He knew my heart needed to see my boy was loved and celebrated. I continue to pray that Samuel (Dawson) is receiving the same loving care. If he's not, I know God will continue to protect him, as well.

I have to tell you, again, this is the exception and not the rule for children living in orphanages. Mostly, their birthdays go by unnoticed. They may not even know what a birthday is as each day just runs into another. Please continue to ask God what he wants you to do for the orphans. He does want you to do something.
Pray, Advocate, Adopt, Support are the things that come to mind, but God may have an even better, bigger plan for you to care for the orphan. Ask him and see what kind of journey he will take you on.

Please consider participating in our Mother's Day "Gift"Away and helping us bring our boys home. Any amount you chipin on the sidebar is tax deductible and will be a blessing to our family. You could even send a belated Birthday wish for Joseph, along with your gift as a celebration of his sixth birthday. We'll be doing a Birthday "Party" for Samuel in October here on findingourlittleone, so don't think he'll be overlooked :)

Hidden in Christ,

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