Saturday, April 2, 2011

Praise Report

We've had a great week here. Marty worked a side job while he was off and made a couple hundred dollars to put in the adoption fund. We stumbled on the easiest fundraiser ever. It's the Belk Charity Day sale. It will be held on April 16th from 6am-10am. We are selling tickets for $5 and we get to keep all the proceeds from the ticket sales. It won't be thousands of dollars, but somewhere between $500 and $1000 just to sell tickets to an event Belk is hosting. No brainer, right?

I also mailed out our commitment paperwork to Dawson's country on Monday evening. I tried to set up an account with FedEx and do this from home, because so many people had told me to use FedEx. Well, I'm not technologically inclined and this was a challenge for me. After some encouragement from a friend (Hi, friend) I carried that package to our local mailing store and shipped it UPS. I pulled up the tracking information last night on UPS website. I thought, maybe it will be in Europe somewhere. No, it has been delivered and signed for by our facilitator in country. Two days after I posted it! Go Brown, people!

God's hand has been all over this adoption from day one and we're so excited to know we are in the will of the Father. Ways you can pray this week include:

We have our physicals on Thursday and this will be our first visit with this doctor. I need a letter regarding my pre-existing condition and am hoping I will be able to provide him with the information he needs to be able to write that letter.

We have our first class for our home study on Tuesday night and are hoping to turn in the bulk of our paperwork while we're there. Pray that we did it correctly and for our safe travel to Roanoke and back.

As always, please pray for Dawson. Pray that he would somehow know we are coming. Pray that the Holy Spirit would surround him with love and protection. That his care would continually be in compassionate hands.

If you want to help bring Dawson home follow this link and make a tax deductible donation. Thanks for keeping up with our journey and for all your prayers and support.

Hidden in Christ,

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