Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update on our funding

I just wanted to let you all know where we are with raising the funds to bring Dawson home. We started telling people we were going to adopt and "officially" fundraising around the first of February. We did not have any of the funds necessary to start the process. We just began to speak in faith about what God was calling us to do. We have been amazed at how people have responded. We did one give away of a vacation at our timeshare property and raised close to $2000 with that. We are a little over $7000 total toward a $22,000 goal. Mostly, due to people seeing the need and responding with a gift. We have some amazing friends and family. We will never be able to express our gratitude to each person who is playing a part in bringing our son home.

Dawson is already loved by so many people and we can't wait to share the stories of his homecoming with him. For all intents and purposes, this will be his birth story. Every child likes to hear about how they were planned for (or not, in the case of many "surprise" babies) and how excited their parents were in anticipating their arrival. I won't be able to share with Dawson about his birth, but I will be able to share about all the wonderful people who helped bring him home. About all the planning, praying and preparation that went into reaching him on the other side of the ocean.

We're waiting with arms eager to hold our boy. Hearts full of love for him. We're also waiting surrounded by friends and family who are excited to know him. We're thankful for each of you, for your encouraging words, for your acts of kindness and sacrifice. We have a ways to go in raising the funds to bring Dawson home, but when we look at how far we've come already, we know God can do it! Please continue to pray for us and if you want to help bring Dawson home you can make a tax deductible donation through the following link: http://reecesrainbow.org/sponsorrhodes. Thanks for all your love and support.

Hidden in Christ,

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