Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We're expecting, again!

Well, some of you knew and some of didn't that we were having our home study written to include 2 children and just waiting on God's direction. He directed! We're so proud to share with you "Isaac!"

I know what you're come they're so blessed? Why does God keep giving them such cute kids? All I know is it's a good thing to walk in God's favor ;)

Okay, details. "Isaac" is in the same country as "Dawson" and will come home at the same time, because "Isaac" has a lovely grant (over $7700) there will be no additional cost involved in bringing him home. Yay God! We'd have brought him home either way, but it's always nice when God shows off.

I've been stalking RR for a week or so and showing Marty different kids, but not feeling the same way we did when we saw Dawson. We just knew he was ours. Well, two days ago, a new photo of "Isaac" was posted and I was in love, again. I emailed our worker from the international agency and asked for additional photos and information and waited impatiently for Marty to finish sleeping off the night shift. I knew by watching Marty's face as he scrolled through those 13 pictures (Can you believe we have 13 pictures) that this was our fourth child.

Isaac is six years old, just 5 days older than Julianna. He's had some challenges other than his Down Syndrome that have caused significant delays for him. He is learning to walk and feed himself, now. He's around the size of an 18-24 month old toddler. Probably a little taller, but weight wise, he's tiny. We've also been blessed with videos of Isaac and he is a JOYful boy. Full of life and the best belly laugh I've ever heard.

Our hearts are full to overflowing. We, too, are amazed that God has called us to be the parents of 4 amazing children. We have names chosen for "Dawson" and "Isaac." They are being named by Eli and Julianna, so I know you're eager to learn their new names and we're eager to share. I'm holding their names hostage in hopes that it will encourage you to share our Mother's Day "Gift"Away with your friends. After, we receive three donations, I'll reveal one name and after three more donations, I'll reveal the second name. So, here's the link: Come on, Aunties you know you want to hear their names...

We love you all and are blessed by your willingness to take this journey with us. Please continue to cover us with prayers. We've made the devil mad and he's on the attack, but we won't back down. We're bringing our boys home for the glory of God!

Hidden in Christ,


  1. Congratulations! He's beautiful!!

  2. Aw, congratulations! You are a lucky family!