Friday, April 8, 2011

Forever Family Friday

I'm so in love with the little one I'm sharing, today. I felt so drawn to him, the first time I saw his little face on Reece's Rainbow. He had a family and for reasons unknown to me his family could not complete the adoption and so he waits, again. I love how one adoptive Mom who met him said she would, "add him to her tab" if she could. This is exactly how I feel, too. Again, he's in a different country than our Dawson or he too would be a Rhodes. So, I really want to find him a family, the forever kind of family. I believe they'll be so blessed by him. Here he is:

Isn't he adorable? I want to squish him up! I'm praying for Vilis' Forever Family to find him. I'm also praying that they will  live within driving distance of southern Virginia. A girl can hope, right?

His description on RR says, "He's lagging behind, but not from lack of ability, just lack of opportunity and stimulation." Someone give Vilis a chance, please...bring him home and give him every opportunity he deserves and all the love in the world.

Now's the time in our post where we talk dollars. I know, I know, but the news is good for Vilis. Vilis has a fabulous grant to help bring him home. He's close to halfway home, with a grant of $8430. Wow! Okay, I know you want to scroll back up and take a second look at this dumpling. Your biggest hurdle just got a whole lot smaller. Now, look with your heart and ask God if Vilis is your son.

If he's not your son, pray and ask God what you can do for Vilis. Maybe you need to be a prayer warrior for Vilis or maybe God wants you to fund the rest of his adoption, eliminating the hurdle completely. (I know it's optimistic, but we serve a BIG God, who likes to do BIG things). Maybe you are called to advocate for Vilis by sharing him on your facebook page or blog and calling for people to pray and donate, to spread the word and find Vilis' family.

While you're praying don't forget to ask God to find Vilis a family close to me, so I can love on him :) Thanks for letting me share my heart.

Hidden in Christ,


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  2. Thank you, Steve. I will come and check it out.