Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Forever Family Friday on Wednesday...

I have a little one that has been heavy on my heart to share with you this week and he can't wait til Friday. His story is one that will reach out and grab your heart. I wanted to wait, because I know a lot of you look forward to FFF and I didn't want you to miss him. His need is too great. You must hear his story, now. So, we're having a Wednesday edition of Forever Family Friday.

Nathaniel means "gift from God." I didn't have to look that up, because I have my very own "gift from God" living in my house. Eli's first name is Nathaniel and we chose it for him, because of it's meaning. I think it's fitting that this little boy's name is Nathaniel. He is a gift from God waiting to be discovered and loved. He is capturing hearts. I think, Nathaniel is going to be the child that opens the door for many family's to take the leap of faith required for adoption. Here he is, Nathaniel.

He's so cute, it hurts my feelings. Nathaniel has hydrocephaly. That's why his head is swollen. He has fluid pressing on his brain and needs surgery to drain that fluid. Sounds easy enough, right? Only, we don't think he's going to get that surgery where he is in Eastern Europe. He needs a shunt placed that will relieve the pressure. What will happen if he doesn't receive this surgery? He will go blind and suffer brain damage as a result of the pressure created by the fluid build up. What does Nathaniel really need? A family. A family called by God to cross the ocean and rescue their son. A family who will bring him home and get him the life saving surgery he needs. Are you his family? Will you help by sharing his story and helping his family find him? Will you give sacrificially for Nathaniel? He will need to come home quickly and funding should not be an issue. Follow this link Nathaniel's Blog to learn how you can give and maybe even win a $75 Sears gift card. Give not just out of your abundance, but out of your need. Nathaniel's life is depending on us. You can find information about Nathaniel on his profile at Reece's Rainbow here, too Nathaniel.

Share, share, share Nathaniel's story with everyone you can. Pray that God will put his picture into his parents' hands and that they will know, he is theirs. Let's see if we can help deliver this "Gift from God."

Thank you for letting me share my heart and my passion for the lost children with you. I pray that they are touching your lives in a way that is moving you into action.

Hidden in Christ,


  1. Oh that poor, sweet boy! My little sister had a massive brain hemorrhage at birth and the doctors had to remove a large section of her right lobe. Afterward she developed hydrocephalus and had a shunt placed.

    This may sound like a child with some frightening special needs, but you know what? My sister is a DOCTOR! Yes - you read that correctly... a doctor and has worked as a professor at two big name universities.

    I so hope someone will step forward for this little guy! He has SO much potential!

  2. Thank you for sharing your sister's story. It is heartbreaking to think he might not be allowed to reach his full potential. I'm waiting, hopefully, for his "but God" moment.