Thursday, April 7, 2011

Update on our week

We have gotten a lot done since our last update: fingerprinting for the home study, Doctor's visits, and our first adoption class. Our fundraising is going well. We're in the middle of selling tickets for the Belk Charity Day sale. It's a super easy fundraiser and we're so glad we stumbled into it. We are selling tickets for $5 and when people purchase a ticket they receive $5 off at the register, so everyone wins! We've also had our great friends and family step forward to help sell. We are blessed, blessed, blessed by each of you!

We went and ordered t-shirts to wear at our fundraising events with Dawson's picture on them. I can't wait to see them and may post the two options here on the blog to see which one ya'll like best. I gave her two pictures and she's working on two designs. The lady at the t-shirt shop was so kind and even gave us a discount on the shirts when she heard what we were doing. Love walking in God's favor.

We got our donation box up and running here on our blog this week, too. We received our first $10 donation through that link, so a big "Thank you." to whomever made that donation. It was nice to not be looking at zeros anymore and every dollar counts! I put a ticker at the top of the page, so everyone can keep up with our progress. I'll do my best to keep it current.

We're taking tomorrow off. It's our 11th wedding anniversary and we're taking the kids to the zoo with some friends for the afternoon. Looking forward to enjoying a fun day, filled with laughter and memory making, fully believing that our next trip to the zoo will include Dawson!

Thanks for keeping up with the Rhodes' Family and make sure you check back tomorrow for Forever Family Friday. I'm super excited to share this little boy with you, but that's tomorrow's post.

Hidden in Christ,

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