Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#1 special need in adoption

When I ask people what they think is the number one reason why a child stays an orphan, I get all kinds of answers. Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, HIV positive, a whole list of reasons come to mind. My response is always the same and people look at me like I'm crazy. Today, I received an email backing up what I have believed to be true for quite some time.

The number one reason a child, who is orphaned, stays an orphan is because they are boys. Boys are the last chosen. Every time. Watch this video and then I'll share some more information afterward.

For awhile now, it has baffled me, why little boys are always the last ones chosen. I see little boys on Reece's Rainbow with huge grants, who get passed over time and time again, for little girls. I know little girls are sweet (I'm blessed to have one). Little boys are every bit as precious and every bit as deserving of love and a family as little girls. Every child needs a home.

Now, I know, some of you are skeptics, so I'll prove my point. There is only one little girl on Reece's Rainbow, who has a grant over $5000. That's sweet Meredith and her requirements are a little different than most of the kids on Reece's Rainbow. There are no other little girls waiting with grants over $5000. Normally, once a little girl's grant hits the $5000 mark she will be snatched up quickly. Often times a little girl needs no grant at all. I love this for the girls and I love little girls. One day, God may add another little girl to our family.

That being said, here are the boys with HUGE grants and some without very significant needs who are waiting and waiting and waiting for a family...

Sterling waits for a family and has a grant over $11,000. He's a sweet, active little boy, who needs to be loved. You can find more information about Sterling, here.

Then, there's Tanner. I can't get his picture to post, right now. His grant had been at $9000 for about a month and today, it grew to over $20,000. Tanner needs to come home, quickly, where he can receive better medical care.

There's also Eddie

Sadly, Eddie is waiting for his forever family in a mental institute. His grant is over $16000.

Last, but not least and not even the last with a large grant, (but you're getting the point, right?) is Anthony. Anthony's grant is also over $20,000 and he's at great risk of being transferred to the mental institution.

Any one of these boys' ransoms have been drastically decreased. I chose boys who have different special needs to show you that this is an issue that effects every orphaned boy. Now, I told you before I love little girls, but I feel like these boys need a voice. I think, one of the highest callings God can place on a couple's life is to raise up Godly young men to be the leaders of the next generation.

Besides, boys are fun! Boys will keep you busy and entertained.

While we're on the subject of boys, I have 2 beautiful boys, Joseph and Samuel, who would love it, if you participated in our Mother's Day "Gift"Away and helped bring them home.

When considering the least of these, we should look at the little lost boys...the ones who so desperately need families. Maybe you're like me and God has called you to love a little lost boy or two. Thanks, as always for letting me share my heart and for considering these boys. Pray and ask God what he wants you to do. He does want you to Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,


  1. Thanks so much for writing this. I wondered why the boys with such big grants were still waiting. I did not even realize that not ONE girl had a big grant like all the boys above. I would adopt ever single one of those boys listed above if I could. Not one of them are in the region we are going to :( Plus I don't think we would qualify. I LOVE Tanner. He is the reason why we are adopting.

  2. Any time you look at an agency/country's waiting child list with the exception of China, you will find mostly boys. Another boy with a large grant is Vilis. I've blogged about him before on a Forever Family Friday. Over $8000 and he's still waiting. So sad :( Who are you adopting?

  3. Nevermind, I see you're adopting Andriy. He's a cutie :)

  4. Hey I know we have alot of the same friends on facebook but I went ahead and posted your "gift" away thing on my profile! Hope it helps!! Love ya girl :)

  5. Thanks, Sabrina! I'll add your name to the list :) Love you, girl!

  6. So true... thanks for being their voice... and I can attest - boys are awesome! ;)