Friday, April 15, 2011

Forever Family Friday

Sweet, sweet girl, today. She stole my heart and Marty's the first time we saw her. We weren't convinced at the time that we were going to adopt a child with special needs/down syndrome and we were even more convinced that we were bringing home a boy, but when we saw her we were smitten. We inquired about her, only to learn she had a family already reviewing her file. We knew they would take her and they did commit. I'm not sure why, except for God, but she has lost her family. She kept that family long enough for us to move forward and commit to Dawson. Sometimes, God uses one child to open the door for another and that was very much the case with Meredith and Dawson. We were so willing to take her regardless of her needs that we had to take a second look and see if there was another child we were supposed to love this way.

Earlier this week, Meredith lost her family and became available for adoption again. We immediately began to inquire about whether we could adopt from 2 countries at the same time. (Yes, we are that crazy.) The answer is yes, but it's hard to do, because the travel time may have overlapped. We knew we had to let her go, again. Our hearts were sad, but she did prompt us to take the time to search through the littles on Reece's Rainbow, again, and who did we find? A little boy named Isaac. A boy who has waited too long for a family. A boy who had a family that desperately wanted to bring him home, much the same way we felt about Meredith, but God closed the door. That's another story that I will share later. So, now God has used sweet Meredith to lead the Rhodes' family to not one son, but two. How could we in turn do anything less than trying to find her forever family.

So, her she is...
Meredith. There just aren't words to tell you how my heart fills up when I see this girl. She needs a Mommy and Daddy, who will treat her like the princess she is. She needs to be covered in kisses and carried high on her Daddy's shoulders. She must long to be snuggled in her Mommy's arms and rocked and loved. Meredith has a grant through Reece's Rainbow and it is a fast process to get to her. She could be home this year, if her family is motivated and moves quickly. I know you're in love. How could you not be?

Please, please share this post. If Meredith's not your girl, please help us by sharing her sweet face and helping us find her family. You can read more about Meredith on her profile here:

Thanks for letting me share and please join me in praying that Meredith's family finds her quickly.

Hidden in Christ,

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