Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Update

I'm a bad blogger. I tell you things, like how we got a request for evidence from USCIS and then I forget to come back and tell you that I (along with the help of a couple other people) fixed the paperwork and had it mailed out the following day. Things should be moving along nicely again and we're just waiting on word of the final approval.

I called, this morning and set up a consultation with a pediatrician to review the boys' medical files and get started on a care plan for when they get home. Will you pray for wisdom and discerning as we make important decisions about who to allow to care for our sons? Eli and Julie are so healthy. They really only see the doctor once a year for check-ups. We won't be using the practice they currently go to for our boys. Hopefully, we'll switch all four kids (wow, four kids) to the same office in the near future.

We're still lacking those medical forms for our second stage dossier packet. Will you also pray we have them in hand this week? Can't go to court without them. This has been the most difficult piece of paperwork for us. I will be thrilled to have it done and on it's way over the ocean.

Continue to pray for funds. It's starting to look like we're going to end up in a crunch at the last minute. I'm believing God is about to show up big time. We just keep moving forward by faith. We keep doing our part and trusting God to do His. I know, it's going to happen, but sometimes it's hard to push down the fear.

Okay, you've been updated.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...

Hidden in Christ,

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  1. Will pray for all of your paperwork needs to be met! Also, I might can actually help you with something here, I meant to get the names of Nick's geneticist and the first pediatrician he had together for you...and forgot :( I'm sorry! You're probably better prepared to deal with kids with medical needs than I was when Nicholas came home, but, I know it can get overwhelming just in doctor and therapists appointments alone, so I hope you know that when (or if) you need help you can always come to us! ~Brooke~