Monday, January 23, 2012

It's not about the Giant (Part Two)

If you didn't read part one, you might want to start there ;)

So, there I set. God has my full attention. All week long, He's been trying to teach me a lesson from David and Goliath's story. What is it? What am I missing? "It's not about the Giant!" Well, I wouldn't say I was missing that, I just wasn't applying it to my own circumstances. Again, I set through another powerful message about David and Goliath.

What is MY Giant? What circumstance do I need Jesus to step in and be the Hero? When we started our adoption journey we met with our Pastor and his wife to share our hearts and where we thought God was leading us. We didn't just start this adoption with the end goal of adding a child/children to our family. We began to walk down this path as a way to let the light of Christ shine in and through our lives. We wanted others to look our way and see that if God could use us to bring home two very special little boys, then He could use ANYONE! We were doing this for His glory! We wanted to honor Him with our lives, by being obedient to walk where He was leading.

The Giant we feared the most at the beginning of this journey may not be what you would think. It was finances. We had nothing to start or finish this $35,000 adoption with (when we started we thought we were looking at $25,000, but then we added a second child). NOTHING! If we were going to bring our boys home, God was going to have to slay this Giant for us.

Somewhere along the journey, I decided to become David. Not only did I decide to be the David in our story, but I wanted to wear Saul's armor into the battle. You see convention in David's time said you went to battle in full armor with a helmet, a sword, a spear, this armor weighed over a hundred pounds at times. Saul put his armor on David and David could barely walk, I'm sure. God wasn't asking David to go to battle dressed in Saul's armor. He had a specific plan. It involved obedience and some stones. I wonder what the outcome of David's story would have been, if he'd headed to the battlefield in Saul's armor, instead of following God's direction?

This was God's question to me. How can He receive the glory if I insist on being David and wearing Saul's armor? I was trying to wear Saul's armor into battle against Goliath, when God clearly had a better way. I saw everyone else fundraising their hearts out and I jumped right on board. This is how it's done. When all along there was a quiet nudging in my Spirit...

You'll have to keep reading to find out what God is telling us about our Giant!

It's not about the Giant!

Hidden in Christ,

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