Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's not about the Giant! (Part One)

We went to visit my Grandma and Uncle Roy for his 52nd birthday (more on the birthday celebration later). We so enjoy our time with them and we especially love to visit their church. Their pastor always has an on-time word. I'm going to wrap this story up with parts of the pastor's message, "It's not about the Giant!"

First, let me tell you about our week. On Tuesday, I decided to begin to cover some Bible stories that I feel like Julianna has missed because we're not in Sunday School. We do devotions and keep our Bibles handy throughout our day, but don't often find ourselves diving into stories like David and Goliath, Jonah and the Whale, Noah's Ark. Julie has a basic knowledge of these stories, but she has more knowledge about who Jesus is and how to come to Him in worship. Anyway, our history is important and these stories have faith building aspects, while pointing the way toward our story's hero, Jesus. I felt an urgency to start with David and Goliath. No particular reason, just a nudging in my spirit. So, we opened our word and read the story. We talked about how the Israelites must have felt cowering on their hill, waiting for a hero. We talked about good versus evil. We focused on the details.

Friday night, we had family dinner at the Mexican restaurant after gymnastics practice. Marty was talking to the kids about what they had learned this week and began to question Julie about David and Goliath. Marty and I had talked the night before about the direction I was heading in with her Bible time. Honestly, she didn't remember much (I always feel like a failure when this happens) and I just tried to encourage myself that the seed was planted and we'll continue to teach and tend her heart's garden.

Came home, Friday night, put the kids to bed, set down at the computer and our Pastor had posted a link to a sermon on facebook. The message was an awesome one and it covered how everything in the Word and in our lives should be and ultimately is for HIS glory. He spoke about how we often want to identify with David in the story of David and Goliath. We're out to slay our Giants and be mighty warriors for God and His Kingdom. Umm...that's not what the story is about. We would be the Israelites and Jesus (the greater David) would be the hero of the story. David coming to save us from the evil enemy who would stand against the armies of the living God. Guess what? He's always the hero of the story! He chooses the least likely of people (like Paul, the chief of sinners) to accomplish His missions, because then He's sure to get all the glory.

Okay, God has our attention at this point. We've been hearing references to David and Goliath for 4 days. (Did I mention that on Thursday night we found Eli reading his Bible before bed and what was he reading? The story of David's life.) Then, this weekend, I took the kids to visit Grandma in NC and go to visit her church. Sit down, look up on the wall and what is the title of today's message, "It's not about the Giant!" Yes, God you have my attention!

I am going to pause here and tell you the rest of the story soon. Get ready because it's good and it's all for His Kingdom and His Glory! He is always the Hero of the story!

Hidden in Christ,


  1. I can't wait to read part II. I hope there are only 2 parts to the story. I hate cliff hangers :)

  2. I was hoping for only 2 parts, but the story has a mind of it's own and we're onto part 3, tomorrow :)