Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brooke's Fun Fundraiser!

My friend, Brooke, who I've met since we started our adoption process and who has become a great friend, put together a facebook giveaway for us. Here's how this is going to work. I have a chip-in on the side of the blog. Love Chip-ins (they're like the easy button of fundraising). For every $5 you donate you will earn 3 chances to win, for every $10 you will earn 8 chances to win, you can earn one free chance to win by sharing this blog (once per day). Oh, wait! What can you win? Here's a Link to the photo album with the prizes Brooke has gathered. After you donate to the chip-in, Brooke will email you with your numbers, then you can choose which item you'd like to place your number under.

For example, if I wanted to win the Scentsy warmer, I would donate $5 and wait for Brooke to send me my numbers. Then I would go to the picture of the Scentsy warmer and post one comment with each number. It would look like this:

Comment 1: Mandy R ticket #301
Comment 2: Mandy R ticket #302
Comment 3: Mandy R ticket # 303

Or I could leave one comment under the Scentsy warmer and one under this beautiful scarf my friend, Deb made and donated to our giveaway.
And, my third entry I might place under this Mary Kay gift set donated by Brooke:

I love the idea behind this giveaway, because you get to choose which prize you're most interested in winning. Brooke is so creative and she worked long and hard at finding donors and putting this together for us. We'll begin to draw winners when we reach $1,000 on the chip-in or on Thursday, February 2nd. Don't miss your chance to win and remember donations made through the chip-in are tax-deductible.

There are lots of other prizes, just click this link to see them all! If you share, leave a comment below, so Brooke can send you your free entry number.

This is all about bringing our boys home. We still need to raise another $8,000 ($4500 is coming due shortly). They're worth every dime and we're thankful to each of you, who has sacrificed to help bring our boys home. I love doing these giveaways, because we're able to give a little something back to you.



  1. Mandy, it's time for those boys to come home! What a great giveaway, I pray that God will multiply my donation!

  2. Sooooo excited for you!!! Let's BRING IT with this giveaway!

  3. Shared on Facebook!
    Shawnda H

  4. Shared two more times, and I just donated a little bit.

  5. i shared, good luck with this, hope it goes well
    michelle oakley warner

  6. Shared on facebook and letting others know!!