Sunday, January 1, 2012

Crafts, Anyone?

I have some items that my Mom and Aunt made to help us raise some funds for our adoption. So, here's how we'll do this. I'll post the item picture, description and suggested donation. You claim your item in the comments and chip-in the required amount and I'll send you your item. Easy. 

Okay, I also have some super cute change purses that Mom and Aunt Pat didn't make, but we're going to add them in too! Let's start with the change purses.
Donate $5 or more and I'll send you one of these change purses with pictures of Joseph and Samuel on them. This is a photo showing both sides of the bags. I have 15 left, so get yours, now!

Kitchen towels with toppers made by my Aunt Pat. These are so great! $4 each or both for $6 shipped. If you're only buying one, make sure you indicate which one in your comment.

Fun, fish washcloths made by my Mom. $3 each or $7.50 for all three shipped. Let me know, which one you're buying in the comments.

Matching hand-made burp cloths $5 shipped for the set. These are super soft and would make a nice gift, too.

My Aunt Pat made this apron, too. It comes with a matching pot holder and hand towel that hook on a button attached to the apron. The apron is reversible. Blue jean on the other side with large pockets. $15 shipped. 

Check out these cute search and finds my Mom makes. These are great for car rides, doctor's offices, church for the littles, anywhere you need your kids to be quiet and entertained. 
Here's a sample of what your card might have your child find. I have a few of these in both designs. $6 each shipped. 

Roll up felt boards with shapes, potato head or itsy-bitsy spider cut outs. All your cut-outs store in the little pocket on the bottom and roll up for travel. 3 designs available.
$8 each shipped, don't forget to indicate which ones you want and which cut-outs you're most interested in. I'll try to include the cut-outs you choose, but I only have so many of each design.

This sale will be open for one week, ending on Sunday, January 8th. I'm going to ship on January 9th. We still need to raise quite a bit of money before we're funded and our next chunk is due before court. $6,000 in fees must be paid prior to court. We're hoping for court before the end of February and you can see from the ticker above that we still need about $4500 to make that goal. Please, help us spread the word. 



  1. My friend, Gail has claimed two of the girl search and finds, so I only have one left for girls. 4 for boys :)

  2. I would like to get a boy search and find :)
    Tonya Bredamus

  3. Sure, Tonya! Do you want to use the chip-in or just pay me at church? I can just bring it to you there :)

  4. I want the last girl search and find! I'll do the chip-in online, but can I get it from you at church?

  5. Sure, Chandres! Thanks! I won't be there this Sunday, we're going out of town, but I'll have my Mom bring it to you.

  6. Fish washcloths are spoken for by Nydia. My Mom is checking on making some more, so let me know if you're interested.

  7. I have got to have me one of those change purses!!!

  8. I think the change purses are beautiful. I'd love one, especially if both your sons are pictured!!!!
    I'm in Canada.. you can verify how much you think it would cost you to ship it (if you can) and I'll pay for the extra fees too through the chip in!

  9. Just add an extra dollar for shipping. I don't think it will cost anymore than that. It does have both boys on it! Thanks!

  10. I think I'd like one of the roll up felt cut out mats. I have little boys - are the three pictured only what's available? Probably would like the potato head - is it the camo or the red one for that kind? Thanks! Feel free to email or respond here, whichever!

  11. I can give you the potato head with any mat. I have multiple of each design, so let me know which ones you want. It's camo or construction trucks for the boys. I have some other cut-outs of just basic shapes, that I'll send you, too. They can make houses, trees, lots of things with the basic shapes. It keeps them busy. Just let me know and thanks!

  12. Okay, if they are still available (since it's taken me awhile to get back to you!) I'd like the construction one! Thanks!! I'll go use the chip in now!

  13. I'll get it in the mail this week, Katy :) Thanks!