Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's not about the Giant (Part Three)

If you haven't already, be sure to catch the beginning of this story in Part One and Part Two.

I have to confess, my attitude was ugly. I was tired of fighting the Giant and just would not acknowledge what God was (repeatedly) trying to tell me. What would other people think if I did what He was asking?

I said to other people, "I don't want us to be that family. The one who needs to travel and lacks several thousand dollars to do so. I mean, what have they been doing for the last 12 months or so?" Such an ugly attitude. Such a critical spirit. I was going to slay this $35,000 Giant, all by myself. I would work hard and raise the money and if God joined me, well then, I would welcome Him to the team.

I'm not exaggerating. My heart was ugly and full of pride as the number we needed to raise got smaller and smaller, so imagine my dismay when God spoke and said, "Take your hands off of it! It's MY Giant and I'm going to receive the glory when it's slain." This was not the first time I heard this message. I've pushed it to the side for months, now. I mean, I'm doing this God. The number is shrinking, so just let me work myself to death, beg, plead, borrow my way to bringing our boys home, because this is how it's done.

As of February 14th (when the current fundraisers end), you will no longer see a ticker on the blog. Nor, will you hear any reference to our need for funds.

Do we need them? Yes, but it's not my Giant!

It never was and it's not about the Giant, anyway! It's about the Giant slayer and His glory! When this HUGE Giant falls (and it will),  God will receive all the glory, because Mandy couldn't do it by myself. Marty and I started this journey with NOTHING to offer financially. God uses the least likely of candidates to be sure He receives all the GLORY! It's all about making His name famous. Our lives should be beacons of light that point the way to Him. He has the money. He speaks to hearts. He will finish what He started. Where He guides, He provides.

We are turning our focus back to advocating and sharing our story and our boys with you. In an effort to show you that if God can use our family, He can use yours, too. This is what He called us to do, to passionately share the need of the orphan with you and to help find families for lost children. No more begging for money. The Reece's Rainbow donation box will remain on the sidebar. If God tells you to give, I pray you will be obedient. This is a huge step of faith for our family. One we don't take lightly, as there is no plan B. All of our hope is in Jesus, our Rescuer and Provider. The Ultimate Hero and Giant Slayer.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,

Sidenote: This is not a post against fundraising. I will continue to support and encourage my fundraising friends, but our family has to be obedient to the direction of God for our lives and our journey. Just remember not to allow your journey to become about the Giant! It's NOT about the Giant! For the King and His Glory...


  1. I so appreciate your honesty and transparency, and sharing your walk in faith! Your acts of obedience to the Lord will slay the Giant in His time! Have a great day.

  2. Beautiful! I love your obedience! Hang in there, my friend. - Linda from RR

  3. You go. We didn't technically fundraise either. We did no Giveaways. Just put out the need - wrote every single donor down on a puzzle piece (600+ names) and let God speak to hearts. We DID send out Aaron's picture and a letter letting everyone know we were adopting and asking for prayers for Aaron.

  4. Thanks, ladies. We're excited to see how God will show up and to share the rest of our journey here.

  5. Good luck Mandy! May God bless us all, who are trying to bless the lives of others!

  6. Hey Mandy we are in the process of adopting "Joanna" from Bulgaria. We have a daughter from Ukraine and when we committed to adopt her we felt the Lord telling us not to ask anyone for money. We didn't and He brought it all in. I realize that doesn't happen for everyone but this was definitely a work of God in our hearts regarding trust. With "Joanna" we have not felt the same prompting so we did do a garage sale and we are putting the word out about the matching grant that we got but that's it. I am not against fundraising at all but I am for listening to the Lord and His prompting in this area. Good for you for your obedience! I can't wait to see what God does!

  7. You all are so kind to me. Thank you for taking the time to leave encouraging comments and share your stories. It's a blessing to hear how God is working in your lives.

  8. Wow! Powerful posts! Something for me to prayerfully consider for myself!