Sunday, January 8, 2012


That's what our blog has been this week. Neglected. Will you forgive me? I have something FUN that my friend, Brooke, organized for our family and we're hoping to go live with it tomorrow. In the meantime, will you say a prayer for us? Our lives have been really hectic this week and on top of all the things we're trying to get done, Marty and I are both sick. It's amazing that no matter how busy life gets Joseph and Samuel are never far from our hearts and our minds. Please, keep praying that the process continues to go smoothly. We still need to tie up some lose ends with our paperwork. Praying that will happen this week.

The short and sweet version of this post is I'm back and I missed you all. Can't wait to start our newest fundraiser tomorrow. This one sounds like FUN?!?



  1. Hope you all feel better! :-D

  2. I've been checking in to see if I missed a post, so sorry you've been sick. Sadie loves her peek-a-boo bag! Can't wait to see the beginning of the giveaway tomorrow!