Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thank you!

I'm standing at the foot of the mountain and watching it crumble before the Lord. I love to share these stories with you. I love to tell you of people who have given sacrificially. I don't know the details of today's story. Yesterday, we had an anonymous donation of $1455 (really $1500, but 3% of any donation over $500 goes to Reece's Rainbow to offset Paypal expenses). Did you read that?

$1455!! It's by far the largest anonymous gift we've received to date. It, along with some other funds, that have come in the last two days, has put us back within $2,000 of our goal. I don't know who the giver was, but I'm thankful for the gift. Humbled that once again, someone chose to help move this mountain out from between us and our boys.

I know God is FAITHFUL. He keeps his promises. He is the giver of every good gift. Once again, we know that He has called us to this place. It's a place of complete dependency upon Him. It's a hard place to walk, but also, the very best place to walk. How can I ever doubt His love for me, when He continues to prove Himself faithful at every turn.

Who gets the glory in ALL of this? God does! Who is moving the mountain? God is! When our family reflects back on this journey for years to come the sustaining truth, the red thread woven throughout, will be of God and His faithfulness. It will be a story for our children and our grandchildren about how again and again God provided. A story full of mercy, grace, provision and redemption. A God Story, the very best kind of God Story.

To the gift giver...I may not know who you are, but my heart, our hearts, say, "Thank you!" To each one who continues to sow seed matter the size of your gift, you are a part of our story and while I may not know who you are, my heart, our hearts, say, "Thank you!"

Hidden in Christ,