Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Fun

I am about to have the most amazing weekend! Lots of pictures will be coming on Monday morning. What's on the agenda? Our friends are throwing us a "Gotcha Shower" today. In hopes of making sure we have everything we need for the boys when they come home. I have great friends! It's my prayer that every adopting family would be loved on as well as we are.

Today, we're also expecting overnight guests. Another Reece's Rainbow Family is coming to stay, so they can be a part of the Pickett Family fundraising event that's happening tomorrow. Playing Them Home is an event organized by the Pickett and Morton families to help raise the money needed to bring home their kids. Sadly, the Mortons have had to release Sam and Duncan (they have new families committed), but are coming to help anyways. They're wonderful friends. Playing Them Home will be a family event with soccer games, a 5k run and a fun run for the kids. We're so looking forward to it!

Wait, I didn't tell you who's coming to visit. I'm not going to tell you! It will be a surprise! When you come back Monday morning, you'll know why my heart if so full of JOY, today, at the anticipation of finally meeting my friend and her family, face to face. We're going to have a house full and love every minute of it.

I hope your weekend plans are as fun as mine. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of friends and family this weekend. We're so blessed by each of you and everything you've done to make our boys coming home a reality!



  1. I know I can't wait! Hoping to have a really good turnout tomorrow to help get these kids home!!

  2. Today was so much fun! Your shower today was so much fun, and getting to meet another RR family was the icing on the (cup)cake! This is certainly a whirlwind weekend, and tomorrow is going to be a BLAST!