Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Joseph!

You want to be excited for your kids to have a birthday, but I'm having a difficult time finding my excitement, today. I shared earlier this week that Joseph was not feeling well and that if he were better by Friday our friends (who were visiting their daughter) were going to have a party for the two of them. The party was a raging success, except for it was short one guest of honor. Little Avery had a wonderful birthday party with her parents, but Joseph was not well enough to come. So, the post full of brightly colored birthday celebration photos will have to wait til next year.

Meanwhile, it is Joseph's 7th birthday, today! Sadly, he's spending it shut away in isolation because he's still sick. Wendy and Jeff were not allowed to see him, again at all. You can't know how much it makes our hearts ache to wonder if we could have gotten there faster. The process is what it is, though and we just have to rest in God's perfect timing. Joseph has lived 7 years as an orphan and on Tuesday, he will be an orphan-no-more.

We couldn't make it in time for your birthday, Joseph, but you won't spend very many days of your 8th year without a forever family. We're praying, today, for your complete healing as a birthday gift that only our Heavenly Father can give you. Next year, Buddy, next year...just you wait! We're going to celebrate YOU!

You are not forgotten. God has always seen you and held you, so today, I rest in knowing that HE loves you more than I ever could.
Happy Birthday, beautiful boy!

We're coming as fast as we can...
Mom, Dad, Eli and Julie


  1. Mandy, this is a sweet celebration post for Joseph. My heart has been broken that they would not let us see him. I too felt that someone was missing from the party...he too was the guest of honor. I held his gifts in my hand for as long as possible and Miko inquired twice for us. Every time the door opened, I was looking to see if someone was carrying him into the room. As the party was ending and the clean-up took place, I finally handed his gifts to the teacher to give to Joseph. We have been praying for him! We can't wait to celebrate his homecoming, his birthday, and his new life with you all....his new and wonderful family! We love you Rhodes family!