Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Finishers are at it, AGAIN!

Praise God! He's a God of more than ENOUGH! The Reed family finished the matching grant in just 4 hours and they finished strong at $920 total. The full match will be deposited today and now, the Reed family can relax and focus on bringing home their boys! Thank you to everyone who helped. Oh, and keep watching, because I'm sure the "Finishers" will be back soon! 

I hope you all are enjoying the work of the "Finishers" as much as I am. We have been in awe as God has showed up for our family and the Cole family already this month. Once again, we have a family who is very close to funded and could really use our help pushing through to their goal. You can read about the Reed Family on their Reece's Rainbow profile or you can just skip on over to Christine's Blog and read about this amazing family.

The Reed family expects to have travel dates, today or tomorrow, to go and pick up their boys! You all know that my heart breaks for the boys. So often, chosen last, simply because they're boys. I'm so excited for the Reed family to have chosen not one, but two boys.


and Fischer

Such handsome boys. The Reed family has done the hard work of raising the funds needed to get their boys home and only lack $2,000 to be FULLY FUNDED! Our Finishers learned about the Reed family and knew they wanted to help finish them up. So, there is an $800 matching grant on the table! Dollar for dollar will be matched up to and including $800. Now, here's the catch, just like the last two times the "Finishers" stepped in, we have from 8pm (EST) tonight until midnight (EST) on Friday night. So 27 hours from now, the Reed family should be $1600 closer to funded. So give and share with your friends and watch along with us as God melts this mountain!

It gets better, since I contacted Christine, she has shared the matching grant on her blog and guess what? God has already provided the final $400 they will need to be funded! That's right! Another anonymous donor has stepped forward and said that when they reach the goal for the matching grant, they will give the final $400. I don't plan these things, ya'll. God just loves to show-up and show-off! He is so faithful!

For this matching challenge, we're asking that you give using the chip-in on Christine's blog. We'll know they're funded when the chip-in hits $800! If you'd rather give anonymously through their grant on Reece's Rainbow, go ahead, just be sure to comment here or on Christine's blog and let us know, so we count your donation toward the $800 goal. 

Let's do this! Not just for the Reed family and their boys, but for the KING and His GLORY! 

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,

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  1. Hi, I have prayed for and given to Nellie over the past 2 years...I was looking for someone who could give my email to Beth so that I could be invited to follow along on their travel. We are an RR family. Will you please forward my email to Beth and let her know that I am wanting to follow their journey. my email is our blog is

    thanks -- stephanie