Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little Man is Sick

I received pictures from friends of ours, yesterday. They are visiting their soon-to-be daughter, who lives in the same orphanage as Joseph. You can check out their blog and see pictures of their precious little girl. Next week they'll go meet their new son. I love to see families first meetings. It's a beautiful thing to watch as God ties hearts together. Wendy and Jeff happen to live just an hour or so, from us and we've had dinner with them and just visited a couple of times, now. They're wonderful people and I'm excited that our kids will get to play together once they're all home.

Wendy and Jeff got to spend a few minutes with Joseph, yesterday. Poor kid is sick. His little face is swollen and he has some cold sores. Wendy said he just doesn't seem to feel well, at all. It's very hard for a Mama's heart to hear her little one is sick and not even be able to give him a hug. Wendy also said he was upset and scared of them, but did reach to be held after a few minutes. I'm thankful she was there to hold him for that little bit of time. Here's a picture of Wendy and Joseph from yesterday.

And another of Joseph by himself...

Eli picked that little red truck to send to him. It's Joseph's birthday on Saturday, so he wanted to send him a little gift. We're pretty sure Joseph has a virus causing the swelling and blisters. Will you pray for our little man? Wendy wants to have a little birthday party for him and Avery (their little girl) tomorrow, but Joseph won't be able to go, unless he's well enough to be back around the other kids.

Soon, little man, soon. Soon, you won't ever be sick without a Mom and Dad to hold you and comfort you. Soon, being sick won't also mean you have to be separated from your routine and your friends and everything familiar, which I'm sure makes even the smallest cold a little more miserable (I do understand why it's necessary to keep him from the other kids, wouldn't want to make everyone sick). We're praying for God to heal you and to comfort you. He does love you more than Mommy and Daddy do, so we're trusting you to His care. We're coming, though, as quickly as we can.

Please, pray and I'll update you all when I have information. It's incredibly encouraging to know that we have so many friends and family who will pray for our boys. While you're praying, don't forget about Samuel. That God will protect him, too. Thank you, friends. Thank you for being here and for caring.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...

Hidden in Christ,


  1. Me and the girls prayed for him tonight! I hope he can make it to his party tomorrow.

  2. Praying he's well soon (especially in time for his birthday party!). Love ya!

  3. Poor guy!! I hope he gets to enjoy the party!! Thanks for joining in the blog hop - and for all you do to support other families adopting too!! You're pretty amazing!!! :)

    Emilie & Abigail's mama-to-be

    1. Thanks, Jennifer :) I'm pretty sure I'm far from amazing, but thanks for saying so. The Jesus I love...He's more than amazing!

      Love your sweet girls and can't wait to see them home!

  4. lynn marie portanovaApril 4, 2012 at 11:26 PM

    praying for sweet joseph, that he will feel Jesus gentle hand healing him and he will be blessed on his birthday! praying for court to go wonderfully and for your precious waiting boys to be home very soon. Love and prayers, Lynn Marie - future adoptive mama :)