Friday, March 30, 2012

Perfect Love

I woke up this morning with the final verses of 1 John 4 on my heart. I love it when the Holy Spirit speaks directly to me. I haven't thought of or read these verses in awhile and yet, this morning I woke to the words, "perfect love drives out fear." I have had some fear this week as I look at our mountain and it's a little silly at this point. God has already moved nearly $30,000 out of the way, so one would think that the last $3,500 wouldn't make me nervous, at all. It does. It's uncomfortable to need to ask for help (again).

The only thing I know to do when I have a need is to begin to give generously to other people, to love them well and to rest in knowing that God loves me more than I love others. My problem this week has been that I have allowed my focus to shift onto our mountain. That's not where it should be. My focus should be on God and loving the ones He places in my path. Allowing Him to use me however He desires. I have never done a post like this one. I have told you all before that I don't share things here with you unless, I'm willing to participate (financially) in the need, so what I'm about to share is going to STRETCH me and STRETCH our family. I have prayed over each of these families and their fundraisers and have wanted to share them with you and so, in effort to be obedient, here we go.

First up is the Love Multiplied iPad3 Giveaway for the Spitz family to bring home their princess Lilianna. I shared this giveaway once already, but this family could really use our help. This is their third trip across the ocean to bring home a little one in two years. They need us. They're obedience and faith is humbling and I long to see this mountain moved. They're busy taking care of their family and the paperwork to get to Lilianna, let's help take care of the finances for them. Lilianna is just precious. Don't believe me, see for yourself...

Then, my friend, Julia started the Mulligan Stew, a giveaway to help too many families and kids to list. Julia began the giveaway on March 9th. I have waited patiently for payday to roll back around (we're on a once a month pay schedule) and am so excited to be able to participate in the Mulligan Stew, today! I have witnessed a miracle happen over on Julia's blog as around $30,000 has come in since March 9th! God is so faithful. He cares about the orphans. Yesterday, I read this post and was overwhelmed by the sacrifice of the Heim family. Too push back from the table and allow others to receive their fill is no small thing, especially when their family still needs $20,000+ to finish bringing home their kids. Just humbling...

Next, there are some local families who have joined us on this adoption journey. The Morton family is bringing home Sam and Duncan. Two 15 year old boys who are close to aging out of the system and becoming unavailable for adoption. They have a serious time crunch. They will most likely travel in June and need thousands of dollars to bring the boys home. They have an 8GB iPod Touch Giveaway happening. We've talked here before about how unlikely it is for older children and boys to be chosen, so the Morton family choosing Sam and Duncan is amazing. Let's rally for them and help bring these boys home.

Another local family, the Pickett's are adopting. I shared with you about how God has tied our family to theirs, but honestly the story has gotten even better. This should probably have been it's own blog post, but I'll just let you head over to Chandres' blog and read the latest part of the story...There's this BOY! My heart truly skips a beat whenever I hear of a family committing to bring home a BOY! The Pickett family isn't doing a giveaway, right now. They, along with the Mortons are organizing an event called Playing Them Home. It's going to be a fun day, filled with SOCCER (another of my favorite things) and helping bring these kids home. Check it out!

Last, but not least, my new friend, Amanda and her family have begun their adoption journey. They are bringing their babies home from Uganda and have a really fun American Girl Doll giveaway happening. Amanda is the real deal. You all will love her and she's so much fun, I almost hate to send you over to her blog. You may not come back. Seriously, they could use our help as they have committed to making this adoption journey a debt free one! Go, Amanda! Where God guides, He provides!

I know, this post has been long. I reigned myself in. There are at least two other families that come immediately to mind. I'll share them this week. Now, I have to go and do some giving. I hope you were able to plow through with me and that each of these incredible stories will bless your heart. I am blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. I love them and am thankful for the opportunity to journey with them.

"And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother." 1 John 4:21

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...

Hidden in Christ,

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  1. WOW!!! Thank you!!!! Here you are trying to raise your own funds and still advocating for others!!! Thank you Friend!!!!