Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 3 with Samuel

There just are not words to tell you how sweet this little man is. Unfortunately, he's every bit as rotten as he is sweet. He and his little friend are the babies at the orphanage and to say they get there way is an understatement. Who knew you could spoil an orphan? He's very good at getting what he wants. Like when he wants his Daddy to tickle him, he bribes him...

I said, "Oh, Marty, he's got your number." Marty said, "They all do." Which is so true. The easiest way to get this Daddy to co-operate is to give him some love and they all know it!

We had so much fun, today. Samuel pretended his blocks were a car and drove the car on the table for awhile. Then, we played ball and with his sing-a-ma-jig. He is just so much fun. This afternoon we played outside, again. It was cold and he has a nasty cough, so we only stayed for about an hour this afternoon. Samuel's favorite thing to do is clean! He loves to dust and sweep. We need this child at our house. The sooner, the better. Okay. I'm rambling. Here's what you're waiting for...
Mommy and Samuel

Daddy and Samuel

Favorite of the day...

Thanks for checking in on us! I hope you enjoyed the pictures and video. We get to go back tomorrow!


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