Monday, November 28, 2011

Our first meeting with Samuel

What a long and wonderful day. To say that we are blessed, just doesn't even begin to cover it. Let's start at the beginning...we left our hotel and drove for nearly 2 hours before we found the orphanage. They don't want people to know they have forgotten children here, so the orphanages are often in remote villages. This boy was worth the drive. We met the director and chatted for a few minutes and then in comes our boy. He has a haircut and has grown some, so he looks different, but I only need to see his little bent right ear to know it's really him. He is so full of life and personality. We knew he was going to be different than Joseph and we gave him his space and let him come to us. It took about 10-15 minutes and then, he was in my lap, cuddled up, like we'd been friends forever...

He's very healthy and seems to be happy and well loved at his orphanage. I was a little concerned that they had moved him, not long after we committed to him, but he has handled the move just fine. It probably helped that his little friend went with him. I'm going to see about getting a photo of the two of them, so he'll be able to remember her. He liked to play ball and be tossed in the air by his Daddy and by Marty (Toni's brother, I know, it's confusing).

In the afternoon, we played outside with some of the other children. We really enjoyed seeing them all and were encouraged to see how well Samuel interacted. He shares well and only pushed a couple of times. He likes to ride the little car and is very co-ordinated. We're already thinking about baby gates and ways to wear this boy out. He's busy! Alright, here's what you're waiting for...
When he wanted to be thrown up in the air, he would point up and bounce a little. He knows how to get his point across.
He also pouts, if Marty doesn't move fast enough to suit him. It may be difficult to tell this one no.
He is beautiful with his big blue eyes...
Checking out his family. Love his expressions.
He loves to ride this car and the older kids are very nice and share with him. He's one of the youngest here and the older children seem to be very kind to him.
To all of my adopting friends, do not leave home without one of these little magnetic boards. You can get them at Wal-Mart for $1 and so far, both of our boys have loved them. All the other children like them, too. Marty and I think we will bring some back for them when we return.

Friends, I want to say this, too. We have no idea how we ended up so blessed. God gave us Eli and Julianna and then led us down this path to Joseph and Samuel. We are humbled by the process and in awe of God's mighty hand working in our lives. If you are considering adoption, please, don't hesitate. There are many beautiful children, who just need Moms and Dads to love them. They long to be a part of a family. Be the hands and feet of Jesus, you'll end up so blessed, that you'll forget you were trying to serve.

More tomorrow, in the meantime...Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support!

Hidden in Christ,


  1. Oh how i love you! I am so overwhelmed with the joy of the blessings that you have already experienced! Such JOY!!! LOVE YOU!

  2. So happy for you guys! Your story is so inspiring to witness. God is always good, but, its great to see something that so clearly has His hand all over it. We will continue to pray for you guys along your journey, share your story, and help with the fundraising in anyway we can! ~Brooke Kirk~

  3. Thanks, ladies! Love you both and appreciate all the prayers more than you can know :)