Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 4 with Samuel and a Guest Post

I told Marty when we walked in the door that I was exhausted and didn't feel much like blogging so he said, "Just post a few pictures." While I waited for my camera to load them to the computer I checked my email. My friend, Susan had written a post for me. How great is God? Every little detail covered. So, you read Susan's post and then you will find pictures at the bottom from today's visit. Susan is my friend who told me about Ordinary Hero's to begin with, so this is fitting.

Change the World for One Family

Ordinary Hero's slogan is "Change the World for One," but we have an opportunity to do more than that!  We can come together and help change the world for one family.  I've never met Mandy and Marty, but I've followed their story since this past May.  Remember when we were all waiting for Mandy to reveal the boys' names?  So much has happened since then and so much more needs to happen to bring their sons home.

Ordinary Hero has kicked off a grant contest with the top three sellers receiving a $500 grant.  There are 70 followers of this blog.  If we all use the button on the side bar to go to the OH store, we can make a difference.  If we all buy a Christmas ornament for $10, that would be $700 in sales.  Mandy and Marty would get $280 of that and most likely be a top seller (based on totals of past grant winners) and win one of the $500 grants.  That means you invest $10 and they get $780!  The ornaments are a perfect reminder that you helped Change the World for One FAMILY!

Don't need another ornament?  Go to the "Product Donations for Children in Africa" and you can change the world for a child in Africa as you help the Rhodes family.  Bibles and raincoats are just two of the needs.  If we all bought a bible, that would be $1746.50 in sales; $698.6 of that for the family plus the $500 grant would mean $1198.60 to bring those boys home!  There are shirts and jewelry and other items as well.

To be sure the Rhodes get credit for your purchase, you must choose Rhodes, Amanda from the long drop-down menu at check out.  It is located under your billing address, and labeled "Affiliate Name."

I'm going to kick things off with an ornament and a bible.  But, I'm going to do something else, too.  For anyone who makes a purchase before the grant ends on Sunday December 11th at 11:59pm CST, your name will be put in a drawing for a silver OH travel tumbler.  Check them out in the "On the GO" section.  Mandy will have to say weather she can see who makes a purchase or if you need to leave a comment below to be entered.

Are you wondering by now why someone who's never met this family would be so interested in seeing Joseph and Samuel come home?  Because that is a side-effect of adoption.  I have adopted two boys that were considered "special needs" and found that their biggest need was the love of a forever family.  That is what Mandy, Marty, Eli and Julie can do for Joseph and Samuel.  And they will get so much in return.

So, while Mandy and Marty love on their boys and travel home, we can do something here and now.  We can Change the World for One Family.

The link is on the right hand side of the blog. Thanks, Susan for doing the hard work for me, today! You were right on time.

Here's your pictures...
Happy to see Samuel this morning.

It was Mommy's day for squish your face off loving.

Which quickly turned to wipe your nasty green snot all over Mommy's face, so she has something to remember you by. It was hysterical!

What's not to love? I'll take whatever he's giving...



  1. How sweet! I'm so happy to see you all so happy and am going now to look at the ornaments <3 SN: I finally figured out that if I just post and put the llink to my fb page, it lest me post, so please don't think I'm trying to shout at my page or any thing <3 Brooke Kirk

  2. Wonderful! Wonderful idea! I will help spread the word!

  3. And one more thing! YAY for the Guatemalan ornament on the OH website! We have one adopted blessing from Guatemala so that's a treat for us and a donation for you!

  4. Debbie Womack also bought an ornament and let me know on facebook. If you want to be entered for the drawing, you need to leave a comment or message/email me and I'll leave the comment for you :) Thanks, everyone!

  5. Deb Wielhouwer also let me know she made a couple of purchases, yesterday!