Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 days of Gratitude?!?

Day 1 of a 30 day challenge. A challenge to focus on all that I'm grateful for. How amazing that during this 30 days I will meet two new sons. That's for another post, on another day, though. Today, I have to start at the beginning, the thing that I have to be most grateful for and that's my relationship with Jesus Christ.

To know and be known by the Creator of the Universe is no small thing, but many days I take Him for granted. I fail to find the time to spend with Him that I should. I fail to listen when I know He's calling. I'm so thankful, today, that His mercy is new every morning. He looks my way and sees His daughter. I have been adopted into His family, grafted into the vine and covered with the blood of Jesus Christ. He died for me.

I am thankful that I know who I am in Him. I am thankful, for who He created me to be. Thankful that He continues to mold me into that new creation. A creation that on it's best days points to His glory and on it's worst days is covered by His grace. I love Jesus. He's been my friend since I was a very little girl. I have felt His very near presence on more occasions than I can count. He has held me together, been my protector, my fortress, my shelter from the storms of life. He is my everything.

I pray that if you don't know this Jesus, you will search the scripture or reach out to a believer who will help you know Him. He's worth knowing. You'll never be more thankful that you took the time to make a friend.

Hidden in Christ,

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