Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 3 and a little from Day 2 with Joseph

I did not blog after our afternoon visit, yesterday. We were tired and Joseph is a little cranky in the afternoons. However, in keeping with the rest of the Rhodes' kids, he decided to make a liar of his Mommy. I said, he wouldn't walk in yesterday's post. Well, apparently, he will walk for the "right" motivation.
Having Daddy hold you is motivation to walk. His caregivers say they can normally only get him to take a few steps by offering him food. He loves his Daddy. Oh, the beds in the background are where he takes nap during the day. He goes to a special Day Care on the bottom floor of his orphanage and the Day Care kids sleep here.

Today, we had a quiet morning visit. We were given a private room with a couple of chairs and a couch. We started the visit off by having Joseph walk from one side of the table to the other, by offering him Gerber Puffs. He is very grumpy about being made to walk, but it's long past time for him to learn. Then he dug through his bag and dumped everything on the floor. He likes the etch and sketch best. He was very proud of himself when he made a few marks on it and it's the most focus we've seen him give to a task. It lasted about 3 minutes, before it was tossed into the floor along with all the other really fun toys.

When he was ready for a little break in all the fun, he came back to Mommy's lap and totally relaxed. This is the most we've seen him relax, too. He normally holds himself away a little, but not today. He melted right in and we rocked. He likes to rock or vibrate. He's going to need a bouncy chair fit for a king.

That's all for now. We took a short walk through the city and are going to rest for about an hour before our afternoon visit. I'll leave you with my favorite of the day.
We love this boy!



  1. My heart is melting for you! I'm so glad you're getting to enjoy this time with Joseph, and that you're seeing positive changes each day. Many prayers for you, enjoy your time with sweet Joseph!

  2. Love this!! Jadon is a daddy's boy too.

  3. I specifically prayed for you two to have some really special moments together as Mommy and son:}) Yep, prayers were answered! LOVE the pictures of you two! MY favorite is the one of the two of you looking in the bag! I LOVE you!

  4. Thanks, ladies. We are loving every minute we have with him. It's going to be amazing to see how he changes when he comes home. Blessings :)

  5. so wonderful!! love that he loves his daddy so... heart smiles :-)

  6. What a cute, precious little boy. Sorry i am reading these posts so late but i really love the last picture.
    Joy McClain