Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Celebrating WDSD!

We just really have good people in our lives. Over the past few weeks, we've watched as our grant grows, day by day, dollar by dollar. $10 here, $20 there, more frequently than it ever grew during a giveaway or fundraiser. God is FAITHFUL. His people are FAITHFUL. I have no idea how to respond anymore to the overwhelming support that you all continue to show our family. It is the most humbling and remarkable thing I have ever been a part of.

"Thank you," seems inadequate, but it's truly all I have to offer. If you haven't looked up lately, check out our ticker, we're getting so close! God is handling the giant! He's doing it because He's faithful. Julie brought home a paper from Church recently. It said God is FAITHFUL, that means He ALWAYS keeps His promises. Isn't it fun to serve a God who ALWAYS keeps His promises. I think about how often I fail the people I love and I'm thankful that God never fails.

Thank you for being His hands and feet to our family.

Today, we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day! We celebrate the fact that our boys were born with one extra copy of their 21st chromosomes and because of that 1 little chromosome, God is allowing them to become our sons. We have a lot to celebrate this 3-21! We also have a lot more to accomplish. There are still so many children who wait to be celebrated. If you don't do anything else to recognize World Down Syndrome Day, would you head over to Reece's Rainbow and check out the kids who are still waiting to be chosen. The ones who long to be celebrated. Next year, you could have your own extra chromosomes to celebrate!

Maybe Brent could be your reason to celebrate! Your long lost son, waiting on the other side of the ocean.

Or how about Mitko? He's waited a long time to be celebrated, chosen, adopted...

Or maybe Tanner? Tanner has a lot of cards stacked against him. His age, his hearing loss, his extra chromosome, but I know, God has a family, who's been waiting for a son, like Tanner, to CELEBRATE!

There are so many more. All waiting to be chosen. I know, you love them, because you love Jesus, if you didn't you wouldn't be so good to our family. Will you share their pictures and their stories and ask God if He is wanting you to CELEBRATE life with one of these precious littles?

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,

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  1. Oh, I'm hoping for two extra chromosomes to celebrate with next year! And it is so reassuring to know that God is always faithful!