Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Veggie Tales DVD's for Samuel's Birthday!

Update: No more Larry Boy! 6 Sheerluck Holmes left! Get yours now :)

I've gone back and forth with what to do about Samuel's birthday. He's turning 4 years old on the 21st. I wanted to do a giveaway, but know that I am bugging the life out of my friends and family with my giveaways :) So, when my friend, Rebecca, offered to donate some Veggie Tales DVD's for us to giveaway, I thought that was perfect!  If you make a donation of $8 or more, we'll send you your choice of one of the following Veggie Tale Movies:

If you give $15 or more, you can have both. When you chip-in, be sure you include a note with your mailing address. This is while supplies last, so make your donation, now. Think of it as buying a gift for Samuel (the gift of a family) and we're including a "Thank you" when you do!

All donations made through the chip-in are tax-deductible! This is a great chance to buy a few Christmas gifts for some little one's on your list. We all love Veggie Tales!



  1. Donated (under hubbys name). Wish it could be more. Will also share on facebook to help get the word out.

    Jenn Abell

  2. Done! I LOVE Veggie Tales and my boys love new movies :) I will share on FB too. Happy Birthday to Samuel! My birthday is just a few days after him...and there will be a 4 in mine too this year :)

  3. I had to donate, not because my kids love veggie tales (they do), but because I have a Samuel celebrating his birthday tomorrow too! My Sam will be 6 & this is his first birthday home since we adopted him from Ukraine. Praying this is the last birthday your Sam has away from home!
    Blessings, Amy

  4. Thank you, Amy! I'm praying it's Samuel's last birthday in the orphanage, too! Happy Birthday to your Sam!

  5. I just donated again! I hope you meet your goal soon :o) HUGS

  6. Thank you, Andrea :) You're such a blessing!