Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Travel Dates!!!

The email I found in my inbox this morning from Shelley had those two beautiful words in the memo box: Travel Dates!!! Can you believe it's finally here? We will be leaving to meet our sons on November 18th and will fly back home to Eli and Julie on December 3rd.

I feel like I might explode with excitement!!! I'm going to book tickets as soon as I'm done telling everyone I know that we are going to meet our sons!

Anybody feel like praising God with me?

Pray we get great rates on those tickets. Also, I know I need to announce winners and I promise to do that soon as my feet are back on the ground :)



  1. Praise God - he is just moving this right along!

  2. amazing, jumping with excitment right along with you! xxx

  3. Thanks, everyone, for celebrating with us! We are so blessed by each of you!