Thursday, October 13, 2011

Forever Family Friday

Sweet Meredith...

It's no secret, we're in love with this little one at the Rhodes' house.

She's too precious for words...

She's turning 5 years old this month!

Will you join us in Celebrating Meredith's 5th birthday?

We have a giveaway going for her over on A Miracle for Meredith.

Will you be a part of Meredith's Miracle and help by giving, sharing, praying and helping to find Meredith's family?

Happy Birthday, Sweet Meredith.
Happy Birthday to You!

Making a wish for Meredith's family to find her.



  1. I know I know isn't she just simply precious. You have an awesome heart to do the birthday fundraising. :)

  2. Thanks, we think she's pretty special and can't wait to see her with her family :)

  3. My heart just started beating really quickly when I read this. My husband and I are currently praying about adopting little Meredith! I was on RR and decided to check out some of the new families who are in the process of adopting. I don't know what made me click on yours, but when I got to this I couldn't believe it! We've only told 3 friends who are praying for us. I'm ready to go now, but my husband is still sorting things out! Please pray for us!

  4. Make sure you follow the link to Meredith's blog. There's a lot of information over there about her and where she's living. Feel free to email me for additional info or if you have questions. I will certainly continue to pray that Meredith's family comes quickly :) Blessings!

  5. I have already read the other blog :) I have already called my husband at work :) I see God at work and am praying for my husband as he figures out what we should do.

  6. What is your email address? Mine is