Monday, October 17, 2011

The cause of the orphan...

I believe that every generation needs a cause, something to fight for, a ground to lay claim to, a difference to make. Many generations before have fought for things like freedom from religious oppression, women's rights, civil rights and equality. I'd say that the fight rages on for these things even today. I see, in my generation, a terrible apathy towards things and people that don't affect us directly. I'm telling you God is calling us to more than our own little worlds. The cause I believe God has given this generation of believers is the one of the orphan. It's not going to bring us great acclaim to fight for these children. We may be the first generation that doesn't need to storm the streets with picket signs to win our battle.

We've always had orphans, every generation through the history of time has had parentless children living among them. What's different now? The staggering number of orphans, an estimated 147 million children are orphans, today. 5,000 plus will join their number tomorrow. Why should we care? First and foremost, because God cares and He has commanded us to care. How will we win this battle? We will pray and then we will rise up and do something for these children. Whether it be adopt or support a family who is adopting, or give to an orphanage or sponsor a child, we CAN change the world, one child at a time. We don't need to riot, we just need to quietly work toward a common goal...NO more orphans! It starts with you and I choosing to make a difference, declaring ONE LESS orphan at a time.

The enemy wins when we do nothing. The statistics say that when children age out of the system at 16 years old in Eastern Europe, 10-15% commit suicide before their 18th birthday. 60% of the girls turn to prostitution to survive and 70% of boys become hardened criminals. Do the math...147 million will turn into a lot of violence in the next generation, if we don't act with compassion, now.

Some of you are scoffing that I would even suggest that we as the body of Christ could end the orphan crisis, but another statistic says that if 7-8% of all professing Christians adopted, their would be no orphans left in the world. Aside from that number is the fact that with God ALL things are possible.

Will you join us in this cause? Will you be the difference in one child's life? 7-8% of the body of believers...that's not a lot. They are worth it.

"And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me." Matthew 18:5

Let's welcome them together,

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  1. As usual, a post that is full of passion, wisdom & sweet love! You are a treasure that i love dearly! God bless you as you inch ever closer to those two sweeties to my right....we pray for them ....i esp. love hearing Sophina pray for them! Oh be still my heart! LOVE YOU!