Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Preparing to Meet Our Boys

As we book plane tickets and order winter coats that we'll need when we go to meet Samuel and Joseph, I can't help but wonder what God is doing to prepare the way for us. I believe that as children of God, He goes before us into every situation. Even now, He is preparing the hearts of Samuel and Joseph to meet two strangers, who don't speak or look like them. He is whispering to them about family and love and belonging. Most importantly, He is strengthening us and them for the time when we will leave them behind, again. I already feel a little weepy when I think about it. I have to ask that you would each pray for us. Pray that God will give us the grace and mercy we will need for the hardest part of this journey.

Not only does He go before us, but He is our rear-guard, our ever-present help, our constant companion and friend. I may need you to remind me in the up-coming weeks. As I prepare to leave the two most precious gifts that I have been entrusted with to date, Eli and Julianna. As we cross the ocean to meet two new little blessings. Two sons, who need us to come to them. Then, as we leave them behind and journey back home with empty arms for the long months in between the holding. Marty and I will need our family and friends like never before in the waiting. Will you promise to pray? Will you hold us up before the throne of grace and seek God's hand on our behalf? The hand of the one who will hold us together, when we feel the world closing in.

I haven't blogged in a bit, because these things are so heavy on my heart and mind. I'm in my Word and in prayer and communion with God, working on my heart, trying to find that place of peace and comfort that comes from Him. We have been under attack from the enemy. I have had things spoken to me in the past week that don't even bare repeating. Things that have laid me out on my face before the throne of God. He is continuing to reveal His plan and I am determined to live in such a way that brings Him glory.

Please, pray.


  1. Mandy,
    I often wonder why our brains re-act the way they do to negative nellies. I can have 100 people say nice things - encouraging things - and 1 (just one) negative nellie - and I feel totally deflated. I am working on that - God is working on me - and as I'm sitting here typing NOAH comes to mind - look at all the people that laughed and made fun of NOAH - but he followed God's directions despite the negatives. If Noah could do it so can we! These boys are so blessed that God choose you and Marty Praying for your family ....Gail

  2. Thanks, Gail :) I needed that!