Saturday, August 6, 2011

The winner is....

All total we had $1950 in donations, once we deduct the cost of the iPad2 and the case to go with it, we will be adding $1425 to our fundraising total! I'm going to show you "The List." There were 876 entries, so each person was assigned a number/numbers 1-876 and this is what "The List" looks like:

A couple of close ups:

Then I headed over to and put our numbers in the number generator...
Hit the Generate button and the number 30 was chosen!
Number 30 on my list was...

Brad F!!

I'm sorry for the quality of the photographs. I wanted to document this, so everyone would know it was done fairly.

I'll be contacting Brad F. We're excited for this family to be our winners! We love them dearly and are blessed to call them friends. Just as we are blessed by each of you who has prayed, shared and given throughout this process.

We're so excited about the money raised! We hundreds of dollars closer to bringing our boys home because of each of you!

Thank YOU!

Hidden in Christ,