Friday, August 12, 2011

Forever Family Friday

I missed last weeks addition of Forever Family Friday. If you came looking for it, I'm sorry. I promise to do better. I look forward to Forever Family Friday every week. I'm not convinced that I'm making a huge difference this way, but it's what I CAN do and I refuse to do less than that.

Most weeks, I'm thinking and praying about Forever Family Friday a few days in advance. I really desire for God to use this blog as a vehicle to bring Him glory. This week, I've been arguing with God. I do that from time to time. I think all the children on Reece's Rainbow (all children everywhere really) are fearfully and wonderfully created with an eternal purpose and calling on their lives. That being said, I'm human and so I'm naturally drawn to the children with good profile pictures. For as much as I believe beauty comes from the inside, sometimes it's very hard for me to see past a blurry photo of the top of a baby's head.

God told me early in the week who he wanted me to show you, today. I went back to Reece's Rainbow to double check and see if maybe this kiddo had a new picture, but he did not. I asked God, "How, how can I write a post about the top of this little boy's head and think I'm gonna find his MOM?"

God's response was that I AM going to be obedient and He is going to do the rest. I still wasn't loving this plan when I laid down last night. Then, God woke me numerous times to pray for this sweet boy and each time I could see his picture in my mind and I fell a little more in love as I prayed. You see, the photo is one small moment of Valenz's life, so far. He is a real child waiting for a Mom and he's at a disadvantage of having a not so great photo, but Valenz has the advantage of having a Mighty, Big God on his team!

So, here's little Valenz...because God said so...

He's cute in his girly heart overalls, yeah? I think that may be why he refused to look at the camera. If you're looking for a kid with a sense of style I think Valenz is probably your son! I love his soft, silky looking hair and you all know I'm a sucker for squishy-ness which Valenz is oozing from his sweet cheeks.

I'm praying that soon we'll have a better photo of Valenz, one that includes his Mom and Dad. He's a priceless jewel waiting on a family to step out in faith believing that he is worth the effort. You can read more about Valenz on his Reece's Rainbow profile. He's four years old and making great progress. His sad little grant is at $0.00. We're going to have to untie this knot for Valenz and his forever family! Will you give to his grant and pray that his family will find him. 

Will you ask God, if He's calling you to be that family?

I can't wait to see what God does for Valenz! Please share him with your friends.

Thanks for letting me share my heart and sweet Valenz.

Hidden in Christ,

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