Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Short Update because I'm tired

We just got in from a 2 day road trip to DC and back. We took our FBI clearances along with the Whiteaker's FBI clearances to the US Department of State for authentications/apostilles. We could have mailed these and waited around 4 weeks to get them back, but since we're praying that our USCIS approval will be back in the next week, that took the 4 week wait off the table. I could hand deliver and have them back the SAME day and so I did what any Momma in a hurry to meet her babies would do. I drove 5 hours with my Dad and my kids and took a mini-field trip to Washington DC. We had a great time touring the museums and learning about our country's capital and after a 2 hour wait at the Dept of State this morning, I walked out with our documents authenticated. No 4 week wait for us (or the Whiteakers) and I have to say, "Thanks" to my friend, Jessica Whiteaker for booking us a fabulous hotel room right in the heart of the city. One of the biggest perks of this adoption has been the amazing families we've met and the friends we've made. God just continues to bless as we follow His lead. So, we're one piece of paperwork closer to our boys.

Sadly, we haven't had any donations on our chipin for the iPad2 Giveaway here since Sunday. We'd love to see that number rise and we're offering additional prizes that you can read about here. The main thing is we need to get this money raised so we can bring our boys home. Will you help us?

Thanks to everyone who prayed for our safety as we traveled and for a speedy trip to the Dept of State. I felt your prayers easing the way.

Hidden in Christ,


  1. You are WELCOME!!! Thank you for getting ours signed too! Love you guys!

  2. I contributed to your Chip-In today. God-speed on your adoption. Very precious little boys.

  3. Thank you, Lisa! We appreciate it so much :)