Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's Next?

In this never-ending world of fundraising that we have dived into, we are barely finishing one fundraiser before our well-meaning and helpful friends and family are asking,


It has begun to rank high on the list of most anticipated questions regarding our adoption.

The other being,

"How much longer til the boys are home?"

We don't mind these questions, in fact, we welcome them. They mean that people are thinking about our adoption and how to help us bring the boys home.

Sometimes, I don't know "what's next?"

That is not the case this time! 
We just finished our iPad2 Giveaway and we're wrapping up a Celebrating Home fundraiser on the 15th.

Thanks to an amazing church family we are planning another...
wait for it....


I know! Can you believe we're diving in again? 

The first one raised a CHUNK of MOOLA, so when asked if we'd be interested in doing another one, what else could we say, except for , "YES!"

Same as last time if you have anything to donate you can email me, facebook me or call me and I'll send Marty right over to load your items up :)


Yard Sale being held at Christ's Church on the Spruce St Ext in Martinsville, VA on Saturday, Sept. 3rd.
100% of the money raised will help bring our boys home!

We're so blessed to have the opportunity to do this again and thank you in advance for any and all help received!


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