Friday, July 1, 2011

Forever Family Friday

My favorite day of the week is here! 
We all love Friday's, but it's my favorite, because I get to share a new little one with you and pray that he touches your heart and moves you into action.

This little man is in the same orphanage as our Samuel.
Maybe they play together.
One day soon, Marty and I are going to walk in that orphanage and carry Samuel out.
We're going to leave "Vinnie" behind.
It's heartbreaking to think about.
We know God has a family for Vinnie. We just need to find them.

Here's Vinnie!

Can you imagine how he's going to light up the room when he smiles?
Wouldn't you like to be the one who makes him smile and giggle?
To hold him close and call him son...

Vinnie will be 4 years old this December. He could meet his family before his fourth birthday! 

Vinnie's grant is pitiful. It has $0.00 in it.
If Vinnie's not your son, will you share his picture and maybe help his grant to grow?
Let's show the world that Vinnie is valuable.
He's worth giving up a lunch or two at your favorite restaurant.
Go here to give and print off Vinnie's picture and pray for him.
Pray for his family to come and for his JOY to be restored.
No little one should look as sad as Vinnie does.

Thanks for letting me share my heart.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support!

Hidden in Christ,

Update: Go here and see more photos of Vinnie! Also, this family is committed to funding $4000 toward Vinnie's adoption! Yay God! Now, we just have to find Vinnie's family!


  1. Mandy your posts on friday are truly awesome! I do my own friday thing for RR children and i jhave linked you. I hope thats ok, i would love to link to you on a regular basis with your permission! x vinnie is gorgeous by the way xxx

  2. I would love for you to link here :) The more the merrier! I'm going to check out your post, now!

  3. mandy i cant get my ammended text linking you to come above the blog hop link! next week you will be a bigger part i promise! love and hugs x

  4. Mandy i am going to link up with you again this friday, could you do the same back as well to get as many angels faces seen as possible...i have changed forget me not friday and it is now a big push to get rr's angels seen! so hoping it works but would love to linkup to help it? also another lovely lady contacted me that has a great heart for orphans. she also wants to link up as she does a similar post to yours...a triple weekly linkup, what do you think? xxxxjane xxxx

  5. mandy the other lady is andrea and she can be found here

    she is an unnoficial warrior for many of rr children, xxxxxx

  6. I will link to both your blogs, Jane. Thanks for including me :)