Friday, July 8, 2011

Forever Family Friday

What happens when a child spends too long in an orphanage?

Here's a photo of Cyril as a toddler

He looks happy and joyful. 
Maybe he's not been in the orphanage for very long.
Maybe he hasn't realized, yet, what he's missing.
One might look at Cyril and be fooled into believing his need is not so great.
He looks well cared for and content.

Here's a photo of Cyril from this year.
He's turning 5 years old in December.

This precious boy doesn't look joyful, anymore.
He looks sorrowful, sad and lonely.
He looks like he's had quite enough of the orphanage and is ready for his Forever Family to come.

Is God calling you?
Is He asking you to bring Cyril home and help restore his JOY?

Cyril was created by God with a purpose and a plan.
Cyril is fearfully and wonderfully made and deserves an opportunity at a happy life.

Cyril has a very special friend here who loves him and is trying to help raise his grant fund, so that when his Forever Family comes they'll have help to bring Cyril home.

I would encourage you to head over here to Nevin's blog and read about how you can help Cyril.
Nevin is such an encouragement to my heart.
He loves Cyril and wants to help him.
Can we join him on this mission?

Will you share Cyril's story on your facebook or blog and help find his family?

Will you pray and ask God if Cyril is your son?

Will you ask God to untie any "nots" that might be keeping Cyril's family from him?

Thanks for letting me share Cyril with you this morning.

Thanks for taking the time to read his story and pray for him.

Hidden in Christ,

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  1. Thank you for highlighting Cyril..... his new picture is SO sad.... I haven't had the heart to show Nevin yet. But it does emphasize the need, doesn't it?

  2. I know, Laurie. It made my heart sad to see this updated photo of Cyril. He needs a family fast. Sweet baby. I love to read Nevin's blog, he's so much fun :)