Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Children with Down Syndrome?

There are all kinds of questions people ask when they find out we're adopting. Especially, when they learn that no, we don't have fertility issues; yes, we do have two children already; and that we're adopting boys with down syndrome. There are a few brave souls who come right out and ask the hard questions. There are even more who just end the conversation quickly, when they learn the boys have down syndrome. Then, there are the ones who speculate about the financial gain we must be getting by bringing our boys home. Let me assure you, not only is this adoption costing a ton of money, but we fully expect our boys to continue to cost us a fortune when they get home. Eli and Julie certainly do :)

So, why children with down syndrome? Well, there are all kinds of reasons and we've covered a lot of them in other posts. Today, my answer is WHY NOT? I know from hanging out with my Uncle Roy (who has ds) how much fun a family member with a little something eXtra brings to the table. I read blogs like this one and I see all the JOY our family has to look forward to and I think, WHY NOT?

Somethings will be a challenge, okay, many things will be a challenge. It's hard work raising kids into healthy, capable adult, even when they're not sporting an extra chromosome. Usually the things in life that cost us the most, the things we work the hardest for are the things we cherish the most. We're ready to take this ride with our boys. We're praying that God will equip us to raise all of our children into mighty kingdom warriors! We know that He who began a good work in each of us will see it through to completion. Our greatest hope is to one day stand in the presence of our Almighty, Creator God and have our children standing beside us.

So, my answer is WHY NOT? Have you asked yourself, recently, if God might be asking you to adopt a child with down syndrome? WHY NOT?

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,

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  1. I recently saw a film called Dakota's pride that featured a family that adoption a child with Ds. It was such a wonderful film and touched my heart! As a mom to a child with disabilities (not Ds) it amazed and inspired me. I wish everyone could see it because it really showed all the blessings that come with raising a child with Down syndrome. If you have a moment I to check it out I will provide the link! I hope to get my website and blog up soon so I can provide a link to your blog!

  2. Sorry about all the spelling and grammar errors in my previous post... I was typing too fast and forgot to check. Danny will be in my prayers tonight and I hope he can come home to you soon!