Sunday, July 3, 2011

While I'm waiting...

I spent the early morning hours torturing myself looking at the blogs of some families whose adoptions are complete. I followed a lot of their journeys and watched as God moved mountains to bring their children home. It's a blessing and encouragement to see what's coming for us. It's also a little sad to think of how far we have left to go. I want my boys home, now! God is, constantly, teaching me new things. Things about his timing and his unending grace.

Doesn't change the fact that I want my boys home, sooner rather than later. I read once of how God has an appointment with each of our circumstances. It's similar to when we have a doctor's appointment. You schedule the appointment months in advance for 2:30 in the afternoon. Well, you can show up at 11:00 and begin to request to see the doctor, but you're most likely going to wait until 2:30. You waited for months and now, you're anxious to have your appointment. We're like this with God. We're moving toward a goal, an appointment with God and our circumstances, but we can not hurry God up. We can rant and rave and throw a fit or we can just show up available for him to use us when he's ready. When the time is right.

This is hard. It's even harder when you have children waiting for you in an orphanage in EE. Children who aren't receiving the level of care and attention you know they deserve. God is calling, though and I am listening. He is asking if we can be faithful and just walk where he leads, patiently, serving in the waiting. The answer is we can! With the help of the Holy Spirit, who is our comfort and companion, we can do this. It will be worth the journey. God has an appointment with us and with our boys in the not so distant future. He does "set the lonely in families" and he will not forsake our boys.

I went looking for my JOY this morning and seeing those beautiful families who have already been made whole through adoption, brings that JOY flooding in. It floods my soul and causes rejoicing. While I'm waiting, I will serve, I will pray, I will advocate and I will give. I will give out of my need, because our need is great, but God is good.

I would encourage you to be available to walk where God is leading. The first steps are the hardest. The fear creeps in and your faith may be weak from lack of use, but keep walking. It gets easier to trust him. It gets easier to remember that he has good in mind for you and not evil. If you keep walking, there will come a "But God" moment in your journey, where God steps in and changes your circumstance forever. Your faith will grow and the journey will get easier. God is looking for obedience.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support!

Hidden in Christ,

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