Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Will you leave your lights on?

A big news story here in the USA has been the Casey Anthony trial. I didn't watch much of it and wasn't waiting by the television for the "verdict" that man would hand down. I was amazed by the out pouring of love from complete strangers for this beautiful little girl Caylee, who was murdered three years ago at just 2 years old. An event on facebook was started to leave your porch lights on in remembrance of Caylee. It's a beautiful thing to watch communities come together and love a child.

Then, today, I read about the passing of another beautiful child. A child whose death was also tragic and unnecessary. Look at him and tell me,  "Would you leave your lights on in remembrance of him?"

This is Warner. A little boy who lived his whole life alone in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. Warner is gone home to be with Jesus at just 2 years old. Warner's death could have been prevented with access to good medical care and a family that loved him. I believe Warner would have thrived on love and been an amazing blessing to a family.

Caylee and Warner are home now, resting in the arms of Jesus. It seems to me like the very best way we could honor them both is to do everything we can to prevent harm from coming to any child. Warner has many friends on Reece's Rainbow who are waiting on a family. Could you be their family? Might you be the hope they're waiting on?

I watched as millions of people grieved Caylee by leaving their porch lights on. How will we grieve Warner? What will we do for the millions left behind?

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something, before it's too late.

Hidden in Christ,


  1. oh no!!!! i didnt know! i am in tears, thats just so so sad. xxxxxxx

  2. Our hearts are completely shattered right now. Warner was one of the kids we looked at adopting. God moved us to 2 other children but my 9 year old prayed for him and Daria every night since then for them to find their forever families. Thank you for getting the word out there