Thursday, July 7, 2011

Adoption Update

I realized it's been awhile since I posted an update on where we are in the process. So, here goes...

1. We have submitted to USCIS for approval to adopt the boys and have received our biometrics fingerprinting appointment for July 25th at 8:00 am in Charlotte, NC.

2. I called the FBI, yesterday, and was told that the clearances we sent off for are coming in this week. These are for our Dossier.

3. We need to go by the local police dept. and get letters from them, also, stating we don't have a record here in the city.

4. We have one more 2 hour course to complete online.

5. We hope to be able to submit our Dossier in August and travel for our first trip in September to meet Samuel and Joseph.

6. We're working on raising the last $10,000 and have an iPad2 fundraiser going. Click here to find the details.

7. We're continuing to pray for our boys health and safety, while they wait.

Please join us in praying our way through this process. We're blessed by each of you, who have chosen to be a part of our miracle.

Hidden in Christ,

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