Monday, May 16, 2011

Sam and Joe

We had a great weekend of just being...being together, enjoying family and friends, cheering Eli on at his soccer game, reading our Word and enjoying fellowship with each other. Now, it's Monday, again, time to jump back in with both feet. We are mailing in the last few documents we need for our homestudy and, now we'll wait for our social worker to schedule our final two visits and write our homestudy.

When I'm enjoying my family and friends, like I did this weekend, there are always moments when my mind strays to Samuel and Joseph. When I imagine what they would be doing if in the moment with us. It's very much like being pregnant and having the anticipation of the arrival of your child, but with the added twist that comes from the uncertainty of where they are waiting. Not safely tucked away in my belly, but left to wait in an orphanage, alone.

Marty and I read another family's story this weekend and it hit a little too close to home. This family was also adopting 2 little boys (Yay for boys) from EE. They learned that while they were working their way through the mountains of paperwork and just the process in general, one of their boys died in the orphanage. It was heartbreaking to hear and I cannot imagine this family's pain and loss. It has motivated Marty and I to move more quickly, to stay focused on the task at hand, to pray more fervently for the protection of our boys, while they wait.

Please, continue to pray for our family, for our boys, for safety and for a speedy process. If you want to bless us financially you can do that with the donation box on the right hand side of the blog. It is tax deductible. We're not doing any fancy giveaways, right now, but God knows we need to be funded when the time comes to go and get our boys. Just in case you forgot why we're doing this, here's a sweet reminder and a great way to start the week.

Joseph I. Rhodes

Samuel D. Rhodes

I know, they're cute beyond words and we are blessed that God chose us to be their parents.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,

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