Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cost of Adoption

Yes, Adoption is ridiculously expensive! We can't help it! We can only pay the price to "ransom" our boys. Can we give you a break down of the costs? Yes, but it will still cost the same amount. It is expensive, but the end result (having Samuel and Joseph home) will be worth the effort.

Is Fundraising fun? No. Is it necessary? At this point, it seems so. Do I enjoy dragging my children all over town to ask for donations for an Auction, Yard Sale/Bake Sale, etc.? Not one little bit. (Anytime, someone wants to just write the check for the remaining balance, feel free.) Are we doing it? Yes. Are we JOYful in the process? We're trying our best and God is helping with the rest.

The cost is a great reminder that we were each bought with a price. Aren't we all grateful that God didn't look down at us and say I'd like to help, but the cost is too much? The sacrifice too great? What if God simply refused to put his son, Jesus through the cost of our adoption? Are my kids struggling with the disruption to their schedule? Yes, but everything worth having is worth sacrificing for. So, we are JOYful in the process, when we remember that we, too, were bought with a price. That a sacrifice was made for us to become a part of the family of God. That sacrifice is necessary to bring Samuel and Joseph home.

Here's a broad breakdown of the cost, the detailed breakdown would be painful to type.

Homestudy $3300
USCIS fees $900
Agency fees $14000 ($10,000 for the first child and $4000 for the second)
Medicals $500
Passports $200
Documentation fees $150
Postage $400
Background checks $175
Plane tickets $7500 (subject to go up as gas prices rise, this includes 2 trips for Marty and I and tickets home for the boys)
Visas and passports for the boys $500 (? I need to check on this)
In country housing, food, etc. $1200 (this is another guesstimate, I've never been to this part of EE)

That's all I can think of right, now. I'm sure I'm missing some things, but you get the idea. It's expensive, ridiculously so, but we believe with everything in us, that God has called us to this mission and we know he will provide.

Hidden in Christ,

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