Friday, May 6, 2011

I will follow you.

I will follow you, Lord. Wherever you lead, I'll follow. When the path is dark, I'll follow you. When it leads to places I've never been, I will follow you. When it doesn't make sense to the people watching, I will follow you.

Is this your heart's cry? Do you want to follow Jesus wherever he leads? Will you follow him to the streets to minister to the homeless and the prostitute? Will you follow him to foreign countries, forsaking your own life, to minister to the poor? Will you follow his lead when he calls you to open your home to an orphan, not just an orphan, but a child who has been devastated by rejection and loss? Will you follow Jesus outside the walls of the church building and into the community around you?

If your answer is "Yes. I will follow you, Lord," then hold on because things will begin to look different than they've ever looked before. You will begin to see more and more of your own lack and desperation for a Savior. The closer your heart draws to God the more it will hurt, the more it will ache for the lost and dying all around the world. You will wake in the night with the need to pray for another soul, maybe even one you've never met. God will awaken a passion in you for the things He's passionate about. It will hurt, the cleansing fire will burn away the things that are not useful to the Kingdom work. You're life will look different and it will cause people to take a second and third look, because they're not sure how you have such JOY in your circumstance.

He's looking. God is searching for followers, who are ready to get up off the church pew and Do Something. Not just anything, but the hard work of knowing him and meeting the needs of the people. Will you follow him? How far will you follow him? Will you stop there in your comfort or will you move forward no matter the cost? If it costs you friends, will you still follow? If it costs you family, will you still follow? If it costs your very life, will you still follow? Will you follow Jesus?

"I will follow you, Lord. Wherever you lead, I will follow."

Hidden in Christ,

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  1. Amen sister!

    God grant us the courage we need to follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Master!