Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Happy" Mother's Day

I want to start this post off saying that I am truly blessed to be the Mom of Eli and Julianna. They are JOY and sweetness and laughter and they love Jesus! They are a blessing to my Momma's heart.

Today is met with mixed emotions, as my arms and heart ache to hold not just Eli and Julianna, but Samuel and Joseph, as well. There are tears of sadness for the absence of my boys, who should be here with us to celebrate the JOY of Motherhood. There is a bond between Mother and Child that can not be explained until you experience it for yourself. Somehow, across the ocean there are two little boys who hold as much of my heart as Eli and Julie. If you had told me that was possible a few months back, I'd have said, "No, way." I'm here, now, to tell you it is possible and painful.

If you think of me, today, say a little prayer for comfort and heart is truly sad.

Hidden in Christ,

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