Monday, May 2, 2011

One of God's greatest gifts...

I want to share with you a beautiful little girl. Her name is as pretty as she is...Albina. I know it's a nickname, but it suits her perfectly. It makes me think of something small and delicate. I'd say she's just that.

The problem is her eyes...they are sorrowful. A child's eyes should not know such sadness.

She's captivating, this Albina girl. Can you imagine such beauty, set aside? Considered less than worthy? Thought incapable of being part of a family? That's what has happened to sweet Albina. I was drawn in when I saw this first photo of Albina on Reece's Rainbow. I thought, surely, she'll be snatched up quickly. I mean how could you refuse. Then, I saw this...

Look at that little lip...she is lonely and sad while she waits.

How can this be? Maybe Albina's family is out there trying desperately to figure out how to fund her adoption? Well, because of a generous matching grant donated by an amazing couple who loves Albina and wants to see her find a family, some "knots" are about to be untied.

This couple is matching dollar for dollar up to $5000 for the entire month of May. That means if Albina's grant is $5000 on May 31st this couple will double it! Yay God! Everyone can Do Something! Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Give...

Here's how you can donate and maybe win a cool prize, too. This great Mom is hosting a giveaway to help encourage donations and you can check it out at her amazing blog. 

I'm encouraged as always when I see the family of God pulling together. You can also read more about Albina and make a donation at her Reece's Rainbow page. 

Thanks for letting me share my passion for the orphan and for praying about what you can do.

Hidden in Christ,


  1. We have Albina's baby picture on our "orphan money can". I was also always struck by her sad face. I had the same thoughts when I saw her new picture. She's a big girl with the same sad face. I pray someone rescues her!

  2. Thank you for linking, Mandy:) We love this baby girl.

  3. My pleasure, Patti! I love little Albina and I enjoy your blog and watching sweet Lily grow. Thanks for all you do for the orphan!